Younger Members’ Group

Club Members aged 35 or under

The Younger Members’ Inter-Club Group was founded in 2005 to ensure that the younger members of London’s ‘Clubland’ get the most out of being the latest generation to join this rich and diverse tradition.

The Inter-Club Group is run and co-ordinated by younger members from its participating Clubs for the younger members of its participating Clubs. No additional subscription is charged but you must be a member of a participating Club and aged 35 or under to take part.

Clubs participating in the Inter-Club Group are the: Army & Navy, Caledonian, Carlton, City University, Farmers, Hurlingham, In & Out, Lansdowne, National Liberal, Oriental, Oxford and Cambridge, Queen’s, Reform, Royal Automobile, Royal Over-Seas League, Savage, Savile, Travellers and University Women’s Clubs.

The Younger Members’ Inter-Club Group believes that London’s Clubland has a fine history and that its younger members are the key to a successful future.

The best way to find out about events and when tickets will be released is to join the Inter Club mailing list and/or our Facebook Group. To find out more about the Group or to join please visit