Club Libraries


The Club has two extensive libraries available for Members and their guests to use. Our Libraries are mainly comprised of donations from members and authors. Books on military and naval history form the core of the collection, including biographies, weapons and regimental histories.


The main library on the second floor is an elegant, comfortable and peaceful room that overlooks St. James’s Square. It is suitable for research or browsing among more than 2000 volumes comprising an extensive selection of service biographies, auto-biographies, plus other books on both military & maritime subjects. All of our books are available for members to hire and can be borrowed for up to a period of three months. To do so, members are required to fill out the details in the Library Loans Book.

Additionally, members are invited to suggest books for purchase by providing the title supported with pertinent comments in the Suggestion Book found in the Library.


Comprising our ever-expanding collection of regimental, ship and unit histories together with other military reference books, our Reference Library is housed in the Ian Jacob Library on the first floor. Members have easy and wholly unrestricted access for browsing at all times, irrespective of other members at their computer desks.


The Club preserves a substantial Archive that documents the Club’s long history, a large portion of which is stored at The London Metropolitan Archives. A list of what is held there can be browsed here. The Membership Lists, Club Regulations, Committee and Annual General Meeting minute books and property documentation may be accessed by making an appointment at the archive.

Once a year, the Greaves Conservation Fund is used to restore damaged material at the London Metropolitan Archives in order to ensure the preservation of the Rag’s long history. Membership Lists from 1837-1933 are held at the London Metropolitan Archives (not a complete run). To visit the LMA, members are required to make an appointment with 48hrs notice. 

The London Metropolitan Archives
40 Northampton Road, EC10 | E: