Cigar Supper with C.Gars



Army & Navy Club Cigar Supper with C.Gars

Bubbles are more synonymous with Champagne tastings but these were a key part of seating for September’s C.Gars Army & Navy Club Cigar supper, ensuring government COVID-19 guidelines were followed so that a much anticipated gathering could proceed at all.  The occasion, which will feature again in 2021 and was restored to the calendar this year after unavoidable postponement amid lockdown in June, brought together likeminded members with a passion for what is an age-old tradition. Joining them as guest of honour was Mitchell Orchant, cigar aficionado and founding father of C.Gars Ltd. Proceedings began on the Ribbon Terrace where members assumed allocated seating to enjoy an Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Shorty cigar accompanied by an Old Fashioned cocktail using C.Gars’ award-winning Stalla Dhu Speyside.

The Ribbon Bar Terrace table plans then prevailed for the supper  that followed  in the library after which attendees returned upstairs and to their respective seats to enjoy an Oliva Orchant Seleccion Shorty Cigar and C.Gars Orchant Selection Cigar Malt Whisky, also an award winner. A Question & Answer session with Mitchell Orchant considered in detail the evening’s cigars and the thinking behind pairing them with the night’s respective whiskies. Stressed was the importance with cigars of following personal taste and the pleasure in trying different combinations in the quest for ones as good as those Mitchell Orchant and C.Gars Ltd provided for this night. In all, celebrated was the coming together of members thanks to the ingenuity of the club in finding a bona fide way to do so at such a challenging time. Rather than bubbles, perhaps these groupings are best described as “smoke rings.”


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