Club Libraries

The Club has two extensive libraries available for Members and their guests to use.
Alice Crossland, the Club Librarian, works part-time but is usually available on Mondays and Tuesdays, her office location on the second floor is signed and her work days are displayed on the notice board in the Front Hall. She can be contacted on 020 7849 8304 or by email at

Main Library

The main library on the second floor is an elegant, comfortable and peaceful room that overlooks St. James’s Square. It is suitable for research or browsing among more than 2000 volumes comprising an extensive selection of service biographies and auto-biographies plus other books on both military & maritime subjects.

There is a simple to operate on-line catalogue available. All books in the Main Library can be borrowed – members can complete the details in the Library Loans Book. Books can be borrowed for up to three months and can be returned by post if necessary. Members may suggest books for purchase by giving the title together with pertinent comments in the Suggestion Book.

Reference Library

Our own Reference Library comprising our ever-expanding collection of regimental, ship and unit histories together with other military reference books is now housed in the Ian Jacob Centre where members have easy and wholly unrestricted access for browsing at all times, irrespective of other members at their computer desks.


Alice Crossland, the Club’s Librarian, now serves as the first person to contact for archive queries relating to the Club and for Members who are interested in old membership lists when researching their family history. Membership Lists from 1837-1933 are held at the London Metropolitan Archives (not a complete run). Members may visit the LMA themselves without an appointment. The LMA just need 48hrs notice to get material ready; they are located at 40 Northampton Road EC10;

Library Notes for the Journal and website are compiled by Major Skelton-Stroud.