New Member Services

The Army and Navy Club has recently upgraded its membership system. To access the new Member Services, including the Rag Card offer, please upgrade to the new membership system by following these simple steps:

IMPORTANT: Changes have been made to your membership number. ‘NA’ has been removed from the start. The number has been reconfigured to 5 digits. Leading zeros may have been added or removed to create a 5 digit number.

For example, NA156 becomes 00156, NA009327 becomes 09327 and NA18765 becomes 18765.

To get started on the new system, we kindly ask that you follow these simple steps:

• If you are already logged in to the Members Area, click on Log Out (top right)
• Click on Login (top right) and enter your email address as you normally would. IMPORTANT: instead of your password, enter your reconfigured 5 digit membership number. Press Login.
• You will be asked to set a new password that is 8 characters long and contains an upper case character, a lower case character, a special character and a number. Confirm and press Login.
• Now that you have re-set your password, you will be asked to Login again. Enter your email address and new password, then press Login.

Congratulations, you are all set.

The Rag Card Offer

Once you have logged back in, click on My Account (top left). You will see four options across the top of the page: Home, Update Details, Make a Payment and View Account. These are the new Member Services (further details below).

Rag Card Offer – To top-up your Rag Card and receive an additional 10% to spend at the Club, click on Make a Payment. Under Bill, select Rag Card from the drop down list and enter the amount you wish to add (offer valid from £100). Please enter your credit / debit card details and press Continue.

The Rag Card can be used in any way you wish, including for drinks at the bar, meals in the restaurants, accommodation, events bookings and for purchases from the Club Shop & new online Wine Store, from September.

You will be sent a new Rag Card membership card by post. You will be able to make payments using the Rag Card either by tapping it at the till or by giving your membership number to staff. You can set any bill against your Rag Card account whilst at the Clubhouse, including at the bars and restaurants and upon check-out. You can also use it to make payments on the Club’s website by selecting Rag Card from the drop down list of options.

You can top-up as many times as you like, either via the website, at reception, or at any till at the Clubhouse. Do not worry if you lose your new card, your account balance is safely protected on our system.

Offer valid until the end of August, T&Cs* apply.

New Member Services

Home – This is your new personal profile page. Here you can view your contact details, membership status and subscription information.

Update Details – You can make changes to your personal details, update your email and postal address and re-set your preferences at any time. You can also upload a profile picture. Once you have made changes, click Update at the bottom of the page. It is important that you keep you contact details up-to-date at all times.

Make a Payment – You can top up your Rag Card, make contributions to the Staff Fund or make payments against any of your accounts by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down list under Bill. Please note that it is not possible to pay subscription fees using the Rag Card account.

View Account – Here you can see the current status of your accounts at The Rag. If there is a balance outstanding on any account (indicated with a DR) it is simple to pay by credit / debit card by clicking on Make a Payment. You can also request a statement or a copy of your room or food & beverage bills.

The additional services, including booking a room, a table or an event, will be launched at a later stage. We will inform you when this happens.


• Rag Card not valid for purchases on the Club’s new online Order & Pay service at present
• Where products purchased with Rag Card credit are returned, monies owing will be refunded by Rag Card credit
• No expiry date or validity period, Rag Card credit remains on account until spent
• Rag Card credit cannot be redeemed following cancellation of membership