In Conversation with Maria Grachvogel

In Conversation with
Maria Grachvogel 

Maria Grachvogel is magic. Meaning specifically that she has a trouser design so nicknamed as they manage to help make women look fantastic and also feel great. In all, quite a feat. Moreover, after 30 years front and centre in the London fashion scene and with a label that is known throughout the world (with a boutique in Singapore) she offers a range of garments and accessories today to enhance any wardrobe. To mark 15 years since the birth of the “Magic Pants” in 2006, Maria virtually invited members to her London studio at 48 South Molton Street to share over Zoom her reflections of three decades since she created her label in 1991. Central to 45 minutes of conversation with Colin Cameron, and Members’ own questions, was “Lessons from Grandma”, which Maria wrote last year to celebrate customs of the past such as repairing clothes, and hand-me downs that fast fashion has made almost redundant. Clothes should be an investment, as in days of old, Maria suggests with choices based on the quest to feel good about oneself and the best that could be afforded.

“I really enjoyed Maria Grachvogel last night – so very interesting.” – Caroline Gatrell

“I am now obsessed with these magic trousers. I wasn’t too familiar with her brand before – but feel it really resonates with how people treat fashion today. I hope more people invest in things that last.” – Hannah Rhymes