Not Just A Wife

Military Spouses – Exhibition

The Army & Navy Club is hosting a photographic portrait exhibition illustrating the multi-faceted identities of military spouses.

Wendy Faux, the photographer, is a professional artist as well as a military wife herself.  Wendy photographed and interviewed more than 50 modern military spouses to find out what is it really like being married to someone in the military.

“It’s so easy within this organisation to just be labelled as a wife”, Wendy explained. There is not much talk about family issues, mental health, wives and children. “We need to get the world to see us as we are”, said Wendy.

Wendy hopes that the exhibition will create awareness for Army wives to be recognised as a pool of amazing talent.

The exhibition was first unveiled at RUSI in October 2017 and has since travelled to the Defence Academy in Shrivenham.

The exhibition is on display at the Army & Navy Club until Sunday 8th April 2018, before it transfers to the National Army Museum in London.

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